Core French

Core French, which is mandatory from Grade 4 through 9, is a program where French is learned and taught in regularly scheduled instructional periods. Intensive French is offered as an alternative delivery model for Core French in Grade 6 in some school boards.

  • It is offered in all Anglophone schools in Nova Scotia from Grade 4 through to Grade 12.
  • The program is compulsory for students in grades 4-9.
  • Where offered, Mi’kmaq or Gaelic will fulfil this language requirement.
  • Time allotment will be as prescribed in the Public School Programs document.


Suggestions for Success

Instructional time for Core French is as prescribed in the Public School Programs document.

It is recommended that wherever it is reasonably possible, a specific classroom be designated for teaching French in order to create and maintain an atmosphere facilitating French second language learning.

As well, students should have access to currently authorized teaching materials as well as to a variety of supplementary resources, including authentic documents and technology.


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