Early and Late French Immersion

The aim of French immersion programs is to enable students to become functionally bilingual.

It is therefore recommended that schools maintain the highest percentage of instruction time in French.


Grades Primary-6

At the elementary level, all instruction should be in French with the exception of English Language Arts and those courses taught by specialists who cannot speak French.


Grades 7-9

The subjects taught in French for grades 7, 8, and 9 are:

  • French Language Arts,
  • Social Studies,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science, and
  • Healthy Living.


Grades 10-12

A variety of approved courses can be offered along with the required French Language Arts courses in French immersion programs at the senior high level. Students’ needs and interests, as well as available expertise should be considered in determining which courses to offer in French at this level.

In order to create and maintain an atmosphere that supports and facilitates French second language learning, a specific classroom should be assigned to the French immersion teacher.

Students should have access to currently authorized teaching materials as well as to a variety of supplementary resources, including authentic documents and technology.