Early French Immersion

Anglophone school boards may offer an Early French Immersion Program that starts in primary and ends in grade 12.

The percentage of instruction in the French language is apportioned as follows:

  • P–Grade 2 : 85-100%
  • Grades 3–6 : 70-80%
  • Grades 7– 9 : 70-75%
  • Grades 10–12 : minimum of nine credits taught in French excluding Core French

The percentage of instruction in French varies in grades primary to 6 due to the availability of specialists, e.g. music teachers, physical education teachers, or other specialists who do not speak French.

Formal English instruction is introduced in grade 3, hence the reduction in the percentage of instruction in French from grades 3 to 6.


Curriculum & Related Resources

Curriculum: https://curriculum.novascotia.ca/french-second-language


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